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Programme UPskill - Digital Skills & Jobs

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Programme UPskill - Digital Skills & Jobs' brochure.


PROCESS OF IDENTIFYING THE NEEDS OF DIGITAL TALENT Companies can join by indicating their needs for qualified human resources. They should do so: 1) fill in a matrix, made available by APDC and which can be requested by sending an e- mail to: or through the website 2) choose one of the following frameworks: a. Founding Companies (EF) These are companies which, in addition to identifying human resource needs, in the various technologies, will be the driving force behind the initiative and will make contributions, whenever necessary, at the level of organisation of the programme, at the level of training, at the level of communication and, at the level of subsidising the programme (paying EUR 5K). b. Partner Companies (EP) They are companies indicated by the Founding Companies (identified in 1) for having a partnership relationship with them and from whom it is expected, in articulation with the Founding Company, to provide their resource needs for the technologies necessary for their activity. The contribution of these companies to the programme will be K. c. Invited Companies (JV) Companies that do not fall under (1) or (2) and have resource needs, in the technologies identified. These resources will be allocated after distribution, by the companies indicated in (1) and (2). To this purpose, the Company should communicate to APDC its interest in participating and in which framework - JOINT INITIATIVE: WITH THE SUPPORT OF:

LET'S ALL TAKE UP(skill) THE CHALLENGE Although the initial design of the UPskill Programme took place in the pre-pandemic period, we believe that it still makes perfect sense and is more necessary than it was originally. The experience we have experienced will accelerate the process of digital transformation of companies and the projects inserted in this field will involve more professionals available to realize them. It is time to take a step forward, ensuring qualified human resources that will make Companies stronger and more competitive. The bet in the present will make the difference in the success of the immediate future. JOINT INITIATIVE: WITH THE SUPPORT OF:



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