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Programme UPskill - Digital Skills & Jobs

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Programme UPskill - Digital Skills & Jobs' brochure.


TRAINEE SELECTION MODEL The selection of candidates will be based on the dissemination of the UPskill Programme by the media and by direct e-mail through the adherent entities and the IEFP, following the application and selection process based on: a) An online portal for the application and selection of the technological areas to which the candidate is proposed & conducting a set of qualification tests; b) A face-to-face interview to close the assessment process (taking as a starting point for the call for interview the order obtained in the tests carried out on the Portal and covering the number of candidates required to fill open positions). As the training is intensive and involving total dedication, the programme will allocate, through the IEFP, a grant to ALL participants, equivalent to the national minimum wage (not cumulative with unemployment benefit, if applicable). JOINT INITIATIVE: WITH THE SUPPORT OF:

BASIS FOR THE AGREEMENT TO BE SIGNED WITH THE PARTICIPATING COMPANIES The UPskill companies will sign an agreement with APDC, IEFP and IES to be involved, which it briefly establishes: OBLIGATION OF IES • Define, with the support of Companies, the whole component of the training programme; • Ensure all the logistical conditions for training in the classroom and remotely, if the health conditions so recommend; • To provide all the theoretical and practical training corresponding to the courses identified, for a duration of 6 months (it may be less if the subject to be taught so justifies) IEFP OBLIGATION • Payment of all costs with the theoretical-practical training component, ensuring direct financing to Higher Education Institutions; • Payment of a grant to the trainees, during the theoretical-practical training period (period of 6 months or less), composed of a monthly training grant equal to the national minimum wage, received throughout the training course; • Food allowance identical to that in force for the granting of support under the European Social Fund (ESF). OBLIGATIONS OF COMPANIES • Identifying the type of resources that Companies need, by technology and geography; • Payment of a training grant to the trainees, during the training period in a work context (period of 3 months) equal to the one paid by the IEFP during the theoreticalpractical training period; • Hire at least 80% of the Trainees identified by Companies, with a gross monthly salary of at least 1,200 euros (one thousand two hundred euros). It is therefore a tailor-made Programme designed to facilitate the integration of technically qualified Resources in the various areas identified INICIATIVA CONJUNTA: WITH THE SUPPORT OF:



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