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Programme UPskill - Digital Skills & Jobs

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Programme UPskill - Digital Skills & Jobs' brochure.


BASES OF THE PROGRAMME The UPskill Programme has a national scope and aims to provide intensive training in Information and Communication Technologies to new professionals and then prepare them for work placement. As a starting point, any training action needs to be identified by one of the participant's companies. The request must specify the number of qualified human resources required, based on the technology and the potential job's geographical location. Thus, training content is developed to be provided by the Higher Education Institution of the region, typically conceived with a 3 to 6 months training duration. This training is intended to prepare people without prior technical knowledge, who are unemployed or underemployed, preparing them to start a new profession in Information and Communication Technologies. After this period, the trainee is integrated into one of the adherent companies in an additional 3 months period, called "work context training," to apply the knowledge learned and be integrated into a professional environment. The 1st edition of the Programme began its training component in October 2020, with 25 training actions. Before this, the programme executed a phase of identifying and selecting candidates, trou testing and personal interviews that included around 5,700 candidates for the 450 initial vacancies. JOINT INITIATIVE: WITH THE SUPPORT OF:

TRAINING MODEL Taking as a starting point the areas identified by the Companies, the UPskill Programme, through the work developed by Higher Education Institutions (IES) and the CCISP, defines the training actions to be considered and the corresponding training contents, also involving the Companies involved. Training structure: a) Theoretical and practical formative components, given by the Polytechnic Institutes or other higher education institutions, with the maximum duration of 6 months, addressing the technologies identified by the Companies; b) Work-based Training, for three months, to be given at Companies' headquarters, for trainees who have successfully finished the Training indicated in (a). Take up the challenge of a new career at IDENTIFIED TRAINING AREAS (Final version will depend on the requests received from Companies) • JAVA • .NET • C++ • Python • OutSystems • CRM • SAP (Programming and Integration) • SAP (Analitycs) • Cloud • Networks and Cybersecurity Operation • Cobol Programming • Appian JOINT INITIATIVE: WITH THE SUPPORT OF:



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