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Directório Global das TIC | Empresas e Profissionais | 2019/2020

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2 ÍNDICE THE FUTURE ENTERPRISE Hyperscale, Hyperspeed and Hyperconnected Unlocking 20/20 Vision for the New Decade Over the next 5 years, the digitizing economy will dramatically scale up and speed up. The pace of digital-powered innovation and operation will speed up by 10-fold or greater. This increased scale and speed of innovation and operation will be powered by hyperconnected operating models: sourcing value from - and distributing value through - massive, API-based digital platforms and communities. The Age of Digital Innovation Digital Transformation (DX) continues to be a central area of business leadership thinking and investment (.5 trillion over years 2018 to 2021). Reimagining the Material World Revolutionized Materials and Processes Expand Digital Technology Reach IDC forecasts that in 2022, worldwide spending on 3D printing to reach billions, and spending on robotics and drones will reach 0.3 billion. Rising Customer Expectations More Convenience, Customizations and Control Customers now expect real-time support with answers to complex questions ready at the click of a button. Future of Work Agile, Augmented, Boardrless and Reconfigurable IDC predicts that, by 2021, 60% of G2000 companies will gave adopted a future-workspace model. The Data, Platform & API Economy Competing at Hyperscale By 2020, in over half of G2000 firms, revenue growth from information-based products and services will be twice the growth rate of the balance of the product/service portfolio. Demographic Paradox A Widening Geo-Economic and Political Faultline Generation Z will outnumber Millennials by 2019, making 32% of total population. Intelligence Everywhere Artificial Intelligence Opportunity and Implications AIl systems will more than double from 2018-2022 to .2 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 38%. Join us in Lisbon, on February 18 for the IDC PORTUGAL FUTURESCAPE 2020!

DIRETÓRIO DAS TIC 3 Key IDC FutureScape Predictions Digital Transformation 2020 Predictions & ICT Industry 2020 Predictions KEY BUSINESS FutureScape Predictions KEY TECHNOLOGY FutureScape Predictions Financial Services 2020 Predictions Manufacturing 2020 Predictions Retail 2020 Predictions Hospitality, Dining and Travel 2020 Predictions Health Industry 2020 Predictions Utilities 2020 Predictions Oil & Gas 2020 Predictions Smart Cities 2020 Predictions Payments 2020 Predictions Customer Experience Management 2020 Predictions Future of Work 2020 Predictions Datacenter 2020 Predictions Internet of Things (IoT) 2020 Predictions Cloud 2020 Predictions Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2020 Predictions Security and Trust 2020 Predictions IT/OT 2020 Predictions Data, Integration, and Analytics 2020 Predictions Developer and DevOps 2020 Predictions Blockchain 2020 Predictions Robotics 2020 Predictions CIO Agenda 2020 Predictions Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 2020 Predictions Check-out IDC Local Research IDC Knowledge Pass Check-out IDC Global Research



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