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Directório Global das TIC | Empresas e Profissionais | 2016/2017

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GET AWAY FROM twO-SPEED LEADERSHIP APROACHES THAT HAMPER YOUR PROGRESS. EMBRACE A LEADERSHIP APPROACH THAT CREATES A VIRTUAL CYCLE OF INNOVATION. wORK WITH A FLEXIBLE, DEDICATED TEAM TO IMPLEMENT SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS 40% 80% 75% Your job requires adaptability, the ability to make quick decisions and handle rapid change. Shouldn’t your relationship with your research company be the same? AVAILABILITY Your aren’t limited to 30 minute phone-calls Collaboration You can bring your whole team ACCESSIBILITY The IEP team responds to requests within 24 hours Lack of vision or credibility will keep 40% of CIOs from attaining leading roles in entreprise DX by 2017 By 2019, 80% of bimodal IT organizations will accumulate a crippling technical debt. By 2019, 75% of CIOs will see the limits of bimodal IT and embrace an aproach that embodies a virtual cycle of innovation idc it executive programs analyst team Worldwide Analyst Team KEY REALY ON IDC FOR YOUR TRANSFORMATION IDC is successfully leading organizations to the 3rd Platform with the most trusted advisory services in the market. Based in 54 offices around the globe. Covering over 110 countries. Deep technology and industry insights Personalized delivery of services Waseq Ahsan IEP Director Erik Berggren Vice President of Research, Cloud Strategies Stephen Elliot Vice President of Research, DevOps Serge Findling Vice President of Research, Digital Transformation Peter Ilosvai Consulting Director, CEE Region Michael Jennett Vice President of Research, Mobility Strategies Suya Xiong Senior Research Analyst Engagement with over 1,100 Analysts Globally. Largest global network of analysts in the industry. Speaking 70+ languages Over 50 years of global IT advisory services Strong Methodologies: IDC DecisionScapes are a portfolio of decision making methodologies that enable CIOs, IT and Line of Business executives to make better informed strategic decisions Bill Keyworth Vice President of Research, IT Operational Excellence Pete Lindstrom Vice President of Research, Enterprise / NextGen Security Clay Miller Executive Advisor Aaron Polikaitis Vice President of Research, Vendor Management Joseph C. Pucciarelli Group Vice President & IT Executive Advisor Mike Rosen Vice President of Research, Strategic Architecture Olivier Schaller Associate Vice President portuguese analyst team global footprint - 1100 research analysts located all over the world. US/Canada 34% Gabriel Coimbra Country Manager Timóteo Figueiro Research & Consulting Manager João Pais IT Executive Advisory Manager Bruno Horta Soares IT Executive Senior Advisory Latin America 8% EMEA/CEMA 29% Asia/Pacific 29% idc’S IT EXECUTIVE PROGRAM FOR PORTUGAL Platinum Team On-site Meetings (4 Hours) 4 8 Advisory Hours 16 19 Access to Local Research (12 Reports) Included Included Access to International IDC Research Included Included IDC’s DecisionScapes Included Included IDC’s MaturityScape Assessment and Benchmarking Included Included Tools for RFPs, TCOs, Business Cases, PowerPoint Presentations Included Included IT or Digital Strategy Framework Included Included Vendor Selection & Procurement Framework Included Included Contact IDC Portugal for more information:



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