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Directório Global das TIC | Empresas e Profissionais | 2016/2017

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The path digital

The path digital transformation (DX) IDC’s IT Executive Programs Leading 3 rd Platform and Digital Transformation Closing the digital divide developing in today’s economy DX is multi-faceted Leadership: The ability to see changes in the eco-system and create a DX vision. Omni-Experience: Blend digital/physical experience to garner customer allegiance. Information: Turn information into a competitive advantage. Operating Model: Create new digital revenue streams form connected systems. Worksource: Leverage tecnology to win the talent wars. worksource leadership digital transformation operating model omni-experience information How well is IT helping your organization be a “digital thriver”? 3rd Platform Technology is the underpinning of DX. • IoT • Cognitive Systems • Next Gen Security • 3D Printing • AR/VR • Robotics • Big Data • Cloud • Mobile • Social While only 14% of organization have advanced to the “digital Transformer” sTage 32% 33% Leading in 3D These organizations are rapidly pulling away from the restcreating the beginning of a rift that will ultimately leave organizations on either side of the thrivers or survivors. 14% 14% 8% It Transformation requires changes on 3 Dimensions. Innovate with business to create digital experience. Integrate digital capabilities with platform. Incorporate new techniques and technologies into the IT organization. integrate Digital Transformation innovate incorporate Digital Resister Digital Explore Digital Player Digital Transformer Digital Disrupter

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